Sunday, September 28, 2008

As I wandered around our little town yesterday on my walk (without my beloved Wilbur who passed away in March)... I miss him so much..... I looked at the green lawns and thought to myself that soon it would be winter and the ground would be covered with snow and ice.
It reminded me of being back home in Australia .. not the snow and ice of course... but the fact that in the summer our lawns would die off and be just a swatch of yellowed and dried dead grass. I commented on my other blog yesterday too ... that I'd seen an advertisement on the telly where they will spray your dead grass ... green... for the purpose of selling your house and maybe striking a bargain because it looked "normal". I thought I'd seen everything till I saw that ad. :-) Back in Oz in the summer if I had a special rose bush or something that I didn't want to see die... and when I was a little girl and we only had tank water which came from the roof when it rained.... we would let our bath water get cold, or the washing machine water... and bucket it out to the plant to water it.
It would be saved and survive unlike the rest of the garden and grass. We were not able to use sprinklers or hoses ..... we didn't have them .... because the water was so precious and could not be wasted. How things have changed.... we take it all for granted these days.
Reflections of the Past ... (greening of our gardens).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vintage ladies in a desktop wallpaper for you....
hope you like it... click to see it full size and save from there.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My oh My .. how quickly these weeks go flying by. No sooner have I added something to my blog then its time to add something else .... :-) I'll be glad when the 4th November is over and done with and the USA has a new President. The advertising and back stabbing and bitterness is incredible - just hate all that stuff.
I wonder how the politicians of long ago did their campaigning. No televisions, no radios, no quick laser printers to do their banners. What a process it must have been. I guess they hand made their slogan signs and rode their horses around and nailed them to trees and buildings. One good thing I guess back then would be no polls .... the polls drive me mad. They ask about 2,000 people on how they would vote and then say McCain is behind Obama ... or vice versa.... it all seems silly really ....... no-one will really know till the election day is over.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beautiful vintage image .... on a lacey card to save if you like it...
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricanes... nothing we can do about them.... except do what is
recommended by those in charge and say our prayers...
As I watch the news today about the one that is approaching Houston, USA...
they mentioned one back in 1900 which killed 8,000 in the same area...
"So many died that corpses were piled onto carts for burial at sea.The bodies were so numerous that burial was not a viable option. Initially, the dead were taken out to sea and dumped; however, the currents of the gulf washed the bodies back onto the beach, so a new solution was needed.Funeral pyres were set up wherever the dead were found. In the aftermath of the storm, pyres burned for weeks. Authorities had to pass out free whiskey to the work crews that were having to throw the bodies of their wives and children on the burn piles."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Browsing through a catalogue this evening I saw something I would love... A soft ice cream maker.... it even had little containers for the sprinkles or choc chips or whatever you wanted to add to it. Made me think of how my mum used to make it before we could ever buy it in containers. There were so many things that we had to make ourselves .... jam was one .... we always had lots of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry and apricot... it was my job to smash the kernels to add to the apricot jam. I loved it when I got some of those on my toast. :-)
nowadays of course its all in the supermarkets for us already done and packaged up so neat and pretty its difficult to walk past and not be tempted. And I'm amazed at the stuff I find in the ice cream containers ....... rolos, turtles, smarties, cookie dough, kitkats even..... there's nothing plain about ice cream anymore. :-)) thank goodness........ lol

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do you all know about Harrison Fisher. I mentioned him in the very first entry to my blog. I love his gorgeous images... you can read more about him here...... One thing I know about owning groups and sharing graphics etc ... is that one learns a great deal about so many people that were unknown to us before. Click on the image above to see it full size... he really was a remarkable illustrator.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I can't remember if I've shared this desktop wallpaper on my blog before... oh well.... :-)) I guess that's what happens when you are approaching 60. Can't believe I'll be 59 next January.... yikes!!! I'm an old lady ...... when did that happen.. when did the wrinkles begin.... they snuck up on me before I knew they were there. LOL
Click on the image to save it full size.