Friday, May 23, 2008

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for your desktop. This one is nice for Spring.
There's a new one also on my other Blog....
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life is a series of new beginnings, and every passage in time brings beauty to the dance.
What a wonderful quote -
it was on a tiny card my dear friend Patricia sent me. In a parcel filled with little treasures too many to mention. What would we do without our friends. It wouldn't be much of a life if we had no dear ones to relate our sorrows or joys to. They would be all meaningless if we had no-one to share them with. My internet friends have been my life line during the 9 years I've been in Canada. It's not been easy being away from my friends back home but through the wonder of internet we can keep in contact at the flick of a switch.
I wonder what the pioneers would think today if they could see how we have progressed. I know they would marvel at the electronic gadgets and air flight and going into space and all the things we take for granted... but would they wish for the quieter times when there were not so many wars, no nuclear weapons, the quieter pace of walking down the gravel roads and just enjoying being there .... no hustle and bustle ... peaceful and lovely ....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do you know who this wonderful old gentleman is. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle... who created the absolutely marvellous character of Sherlock Holmes. I'm completely addicted to all things Sherlock and lately have been discovering magnificent old movies and series on UTube. All about Sherlock. My favourite Sherlock was indeed Jeremy Brett.. and you can read more about him on my other blog .. A WhimsyDust Affair..
And I'm eagerly looking forward to reading the book which is compiled from the hundreds of letters Conan Doyle sent to his mother when he was a struggling doctor trying to make a living. What an insight that will be into the real Victorian life. The book is out now... and no doubt I'll spend many hours reading through it.. finding out about this clever man who created the greatest detective the world has ever known... :-))

Friday, May 16, 2008

My new Collection called "Graceful Greetings" is now on my site ...
I'm also taking the Whimsybit tubes I've used to make those greetings and compiling them into another Collection perhaps called "Graceful WhimsyBits" so you know that they are the pretty ones I've used to make the cards. Now if you are a creator you will be able to use those images to make destop wallpapers, or websets, perhaps your own greeting cards or fancy stationery...
those "whimsybits" will be coming soon..... I'm enjoying making them with all the pretty lace and my painted roses and other stunning embellishments ....... certainly indicative of times gone by and elegance and grace...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think "keeping in touch" is one of the most important things we all should do. I keep in touch with my friends back home in Australia, I keep in touch with my online cherished pals who brighten my days here in the woods of Canada. The image above comes from the new Collection called "Graceful Greetings" which will be available soon at ... there'll be hundreds of pretty cards ... to share with family and friends on special occasions or just if you want to "keep in touch".. Click on the image to save it full size if you like it.....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Click on the image above to see it full size. A gorgeous piece of fine art Toulmouche .. 1890 called "The New Arrival". Mother's Day this weekend.... memories of my dear old mum who had a difficult and hard life. I would like to be home in Tasmania this Sunday to place some flowers on her gave ... in the little country cemetery where she is laid to rest ..... that's got to be one of the saddest things when one moves away from their own country and loved ones... not being able to share their special days by visiting and placing something pretty on their graves.
Happy Mother's Day mum ... I'll be thinking of you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Click on it to see it full size... One of the cards from my new Collection
coming up called "Graceful Greetings".... there'll be lots in it with all sorts of
assorted greetings. They are all pretty, and glamourous and vintage inspired.