Sunday, September 21, 2008

My oh My .. how quickly these weeks go flying by. No sooner have I added something to my blog then its time to add something else .... :-) I'll be glad when the 4th November is over and done with and the USA has a new President. The advertising and back stabbing and bitterness is incredible - just hate all that stuff.
I wonder how the politicians of long ago did their campaigning. No televisions, no radios, no quick laser printers to do their banners. What a process it must have been. I guess they hand made their slogan signs and rode their horses around and nailed them to trees and buildings. One good thing I guess back then would be no polls .... the polls drive me mad. They ask about 2,000 people on how they would vote and then say McCain is behind Obama ... or vice versa.... it all seems silly really ....... no-one will really know till the election day is over.

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